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Part One
Time Travel in the New Millennium (2000)

1. A Wax-flower Tree and a Scrapheap

Part Two
The Woodstock Children’s Home (1963-1970)

2. The Little Lad and the Odyssey
3. Learning the Rules of the Road
4. Home’s Not Where Windows are Barred
5. A Burden on Society

Part Three
Parents (1929 & 1931-1965)

6. Mother
7. Father

Part Four
Early Childhood in Chicago (1953-1963)

8. North Pine Grove Avenue
9. Division Street between Hamlin and Avers
10. Lawndale at Grand Avenue

Part Five
Ground School (1970-1980)

11. Getting Through College
12. Facing Down Inner Demons

Part Six
Move to North Carolina and Gender Odyssey (1981-1991)

13. A New Path in a Dark Wood
14. Freedom Flight
15. Self Made Man
16. The Language of God
17. Quiet

Part Seven
Return to Time Travel (2000)

18. Ringing the Last Bell of Recollection
19. A Visit to the Otherworld

Part Eight
A Wounded Healer (1995 to present)

20. A Wounded Healer
21. Searching for Hestia’s House


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